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Connecting your employees to improve culture and communication

Our Story

Coffee Roulette was founded by Hilary McCullagh. As an internal communications specialist, Hilary noticed that it was very hard for employees in medium or large-sized organisation to meet each other and find out what everyone does. It was also easy for employees to feel lost or isolated.

For the organisation, this meant that culture, collaboration, and communication suffered.

Working in internal communications, Hilary was constantly looking for ways to connect employees. In 2014 Hilary ran a version of Coffee Roulette in the organisation she was working for - but manually using spreadsheets.

The program was super successful in connecting people but also wildly time-consuming and challenging to administer.

Hilary realised that automating Coffee Roulette would mean that other organisations could reap the benefits of the program too.

Hilary enlisted her cousin, Andrew Perkins, to develop the matching algorithm and other technology that sits behind Coffee Roulette. It’s this technology that makes it easy and sustainable for anyone who wants to run a Coffee Roulette to connect their people.

Hilary launched Coffee Roulette in Melbourne, Australia in 2016 and it is now used in organisations across the world. To date, Coffee Roulette has facilitated more than 700,000 coffee connections between employees from all teams, at all levels.

These connections form the basis of improved communication, collaboration, and a thriving and happy culture.

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Thank you for your help! The team has really enjoyed this and I am excited to see how it will continue to keep us all connected more.